2017 Rankings

NESSA Team Race Standings
(posted March 30, 2017)

Once again, NESSA will use a website that allows the results for every NESSA school that team races during the spring to be posted.  All schools that registered properly for the NESSA Team Racing Championships (Mark & Terk Trophies) must keep their scores updated if they want to be ranked at the end of the season. Also schools that signed up for the NESSA Fleet Racing Championship (O’Day Trophy) should use this site to help verify that they have sailed the required three meets or regattas before competing in the championship.

Here is how to post your school’s scores.

  1. Make sure you know how to score a meet properly
  2. The winning coach should e-mail Rob Hurd (RSHurd@hotmail.com) within 24 hours of the meet’s completion.
    CC the losing coach - full list of contact e-mail addresses can be found in the NESSA Directory.
  3. The e-mail should contain:
  • Date
  • Winning school and score
  • Losing school and score
  • Location of meet (home, away, neutral site)


            2017 Team Racing Scores                                                                                2017 Team Racing Rankings Sheet