NESSA By-Laws & Procedural Rules
(Last revised November 6, 2016)

Section I: By-Laws

Article A: Name
The name of the organization shall be the New England Schools Sailing Association.

Article B: Objective
The objective of the Association shall be to further the sport of sailing in New England secondary schools and to organize those schools competing by standardizing rules and procedures and by aiding with scheduling.

Article C: Membership
Section 1.  Membership shall be divided into two classes as follows:
a. New Members: Schools who wish to initiate a sailing program or schools that have a sailing program but have not been NESSA Regular Members or schools that have been NESSA Regular Members but have been inactive.  After one full year from payment of dues, any New Member may apply for Regular Member status by attending an Annual Meeting and by presenting a formal written request for the change from a school administrator (principal, headmaster, athletic director, or student activities head) on school stationary to the NESSA Secretary/Treasurer.
b.  Regular Members:  Schools who have been voted members of NESSA at the annual meeting and who continue to have active sailing programs.  Schools, which have become inactive, must apply for New Membership.

Section 2. In order for NESSA to assist efficiently the development of diverse school sailing programs, and for the purposes of organizing regattas, all – New or Regular - will be classified as follows:
a. Varsity Members: those schools recognizing sailing as a regular sport, major or minor, with or without letter awards.
b.  Club Member:  those schools having a sailing organization recognized as a school club and having a faculty advisor, although not having sailing as an established sport at the school.

Section 3: To be a NESSA member, Regular or New, schools must complete an Annual Membership Form and pay school dues to be issued on a school check or a check (or through the Association’s PayPal account) that is accompanied by a letter of authorization from the school by the Annual Meeting.  Schools may registered after that date by following the above procedures, but thee schools may not appear in the annual official NESSA active Membership List and may not be eligible for all NESSA sponsored regattas.

Section 4.  NESSA is a member of ISSA and US Sailing.  NESSA strongly recommends that all sailors and coaches be individual members of US Sailing.

Section 5.  A School which does not pay the annual NESSA dues will remain on the membership list with “inactive status” the subsequent year(s) and will need to re-apply as a New Member.

Article D: Executive Committee
Section 1. The organization shall be governed by an Executive Committee (ExComm). 
a. The ExComm shall be comprised of a representative from each of the seven sailing leagues within NESSA (Cape & Islands, Coastal Sailing Alliance, Fairfield County, Maine, Mass Bay, Connecticut, Rhode Island) as well as two (2) At-large members.
b. The League representatives shall be appointed by their respective league and shall have a term of two years.
c. The At-large members are elected by a vote of the membership, and shall have a term of two years.

Section 2.   The ExComm shall appoint a President, Vice-President(s), Secretary/Treasurer, and NESSA Event Chairs from its membership.
a.  The President of NESSA has overall responsibility for the organization.  They are a NESSA representative to the ISSA Board, run the NESSA annual meeting, and assist the other officers in the carrying out their duties.
 b. The Vice-President(s) of NESSA is/are in charge of Race Operations.  They work with the various Event Chairs to make sure all NESSA Regattas are run properly. When the President is absent, a Vice-President fills that role.
c. The Secretary/Treasurer is in charge of maintaining accurate and up-to-date membership records as well as maintaining and updating the website and other forms of communication with the membership. The person is also in charge of collecting dues and paying all organization bills.
d. The Event Chairs are in charge of running the NESSA regattas within the guidelines of the ISSA PR and in coordination with the NESSA Vice-President(s).

Article E:  Representation
Section 1.   Each school shall be entitled to be represented at meetings by one or more delegates: faculty coach, adult advisor, or designated adult alternative.  Regular Members shall be entitled to one vote for each school.  No New Member may vote.   Students are welcome to attend meetings with the adult but may not vote.

Section 2. All votes are to be decided by a majority of Regular Member schools represented at the meeting.

Article F: Meetings
The Annual Meeting of the Association shall be held during the fall term.  Other meetings may be held upon petition by at least five Regular Member schools to the NESSA President who will determine the time and place of the meeting.  Notice of all NESSA meetings must be posted at least 10-day prior to the meeting.

Article G: Dues
Section 1.  To be eligible for NESSA regattas, Regular and New Members shall pay annual dues, the sum to be voted at the annual meeting.
Section 2.  Dues shall be paid by the Annual Meeting.

Article H: By-Law and Procedural Rules
The By-Laws and Procedural Rules may be amended by vote of the majority of Regular Members at the Annual Meeting.

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