O’Day Finals Postponed to Sunday April 30th

Posted on April 22, 2017

I apologies for the late notice and realize that this may arrive to some of you while you are on the road to New London.  Please feel free to contact me with yoru questions, comments, or concerns.


The O'Day Finals are being Postponed to Sunday April 30th at Connecticut College (CC).  

Earlier today, CC informed NESSA that the language in the certificate of insurance (COI) issued from ISSA did not contain the appropriate language for CC.  The langue in our COI has not been an issue in the past with colleges and universities and the situation took us by surprise.  CC has been snake-bitten recently by another sport using their facilities and wants to make sure that does not happen again. Unfortunately, the ISSA insurance office, ironically located in CT, was closed.  Several walk arounds where discussed with CC and NESSA this afternoon, but no deal could be reached.  The CC site became unavailable at that point - roughly 6:45 pm this evening. The NESSA officers, the event chair, and the ISSA reps discussed several other options including moving the regatta to another location.  In the end, postponing the regatta made the most sense and seemed the fairest thing to do.


Obviously, this change will effect several regattas scheduled for that day, one of which is NESSA Herreshoff qualifiers slated for Tabor and SalMaine.  Therefore, 

If you school is one of the 7 schools that qualified for the O'Day finals and is slated to compete at Tabor or SailMaine  on Sunday April 30th (Tabor, Bishop Stang, St George's, Newton CDS, Prout, Fairfield Ludlowe, or Milton), NESSA is offering you the opportunity to switch to the USCGA site on Saturday April 29th.  
If you are interested in making that chance, e-mail Rob Hurd ( by noon on Monday April 24th. 
If you don't e-mail, then NESSA will assume that you do not want to switch.

Again, NESSA apologies for this inconvenience and if anyone want to ask questions, please feel free to call me this evening.