NESSA Winter Memo #6

Posted on January 03, 2017

Happy New Year,

Now that the holidays are over, some of you may be looking ahead to the high school sailing season.  Here is an update on a couple of things that have transpired since the Annual Meeting.

1) Women's Championship (Herreshoff Trophy):

  • Our host site for the finals (Brown University) was unavailable the dates we wanted, so the finals have been moved to Sat May 6 and Sun May 7, 2017.  
  • Due to the SATs, we will have a late report time (2-3 pm) to accommodate as many people as possible and get in as much racing as we can that afternoon before picking up the action on Sunday.  This is a format that was tried at the Healy in the fall.
  • Brown will have a new fleet of FJs to supplement their Z420 fleet and we plan on using both fleets for this event.
  • Qualifying regattas for the finals will be on Sat April 29 at USCGA (FJs/Z420) or Sun April 30 at Tabor (Z420s) or Sun April 30 at SailMaine (C420). Unlike last year, a school only gets to compete in ONE qualifier this year.

2) Notices of Race (NOR) and Registrations

  • Your ExComm members are working hard to finalize Notices of Race. All are expected to be posted by February 1st.
  • Registration for all three NESSA Championships - Fleets (O'Day), Women's (Herreshoff) and Teams (Mark & Terk) - will open on March 1st and close on April 1st.  
  • Regatta fees will be paid on-line using PayPal again.
  • See each individual NOR for registration details.

3) Membership

  • In all cases, a school must be “active” NESSA member in order to compete in a NESSA regatta.  There are still several schools who have been members in the past, who have not paid their 2016-2017 dues yet. Once regatta registration opens, I will no longer accept membership renewals and those schools will not be eligible to compete in this year's championships.  Plan ahead.
  • Below are the instructions on how to complete membership for 2016-2017.  After reading, if you still have questions, please contact me.
  • To check your schools status (active, pending, or inactive), click here


A. Update your school’s on-line profile.  This moves your school from “inactive” to “pending” in the database.  To do that, click REGISTRATION

B. Pay your 2016-2017 dues.  This moves your school from “inactive” to “active” and makes you eligible for regattas. We encourage all schools to use the NESSA PayPal account, as it will be easier and quicker.