National Invitational Tournament (The Founders Trophy)

May 24-26, 2019

The Atlantic Coast Challenge was first established in 2009 to be a Team Racing Regatta between schools from MASSA, MISSA, and & NESSA.  Scheduled for the same weekend as the Baker, it is designed to offer an opportunity for intersectional competition for schools that that just missed out on the opportunity to sail at Nationals.  The regatta changed its name in 2012 so avoid confusion with the Atlantic Coast Championship - a fall fleet racing regatta sponsored by MASSA. In 2012, the Founders Trophy was donated by the coaches from the three remaining founding schools of high school sailing - Tabor Academy, St. George’s School & The Hotchkiss School -to further the interest in intersectional team racing.

NIT Location Schedule:
2019 - MISSA
2020 - NESSA
2021 - MASSA